The National Social Security Office (NSSO) gives the starting shot for the new way of working 2013-10-28

Through two information sessions for all collaborators, the NSSO has launched on October 22nd officially ‘the new of working’. This is an internal project by which the NSSO aims at introducing a new work culture founded upon trust, freedom and responsibility.

One of the spearheads of the project is the introduction of telework. From the year 2014 onwards the collaborators of the NSSO will gradually obtain the opportunity to work one day in a week at home.

The new work culture is also translated in a new deontological framework. It has appeared from an internal survey conducted a few years ago that many colleagues expressed the need for clear rules guiding the behaviour in the workplace. As a result both the management and the staff have jointly established a deontological framework.

Within the scope of the new way of working at the NSSO, attention is also being paid to the social media. By launching the project Student@work, the NSSO had taken in the early part of the year 2012 a first step in the direction of the social media. This initiative was soon followed by the creation of a proper Twitter account of the NSSO. The moment has now come to involve the staff of the NSSO closer in this form of communication. An internal social media policy offers its collaborators guidelines inspiring them with the best ways of dealing with the social media.

Apart from these innovations which are the proper initiative of the NSSO, our office is also preparing itself for the new career and the new evaluation system, which will be in place from 2014 onwards for all federal civil servants.

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